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Roman Murashov

Nice to meet you!

Let me introduce myself: Roman Murashov, 26 years old, a non-professional but ambitious developer. Since 2012 I'd been officially employed as a SEO-specialist (2012 - 2014) and a corporate mobile support specialist (2014 - now), at the same time being involved in middle-sized business projects as a developer and a co-founder.

During 3 years of work I've managed to finally set up my priorities and for today I'm starting a professional developer career.

I am very dedicated to designing complex application architecture and intend to find already found ☑ a full-time job as JavaScript/ActionScript 3 developer until the end of September, 2015.

UPDATE [17.02.2016]: SUCCESS!

Since October 2015 I work in "UMA Entertainment Group" as an engineer-programmer. At the moment I am developing Flash-based games using Starling Framework (regular ActionScript3 boosted with Stage3D rendering) and this year I will focus on the development of HTML5 applications.

I should note that my programming skills are rapidly growing due to intense work on the challenging projects in this company.

And finally I'm not creating ingame graphics by myself – we're getting supplied with it by company artists! It is a real pleasure to work with professionals since I'm aware how difficult it is for a programmer to do the work of an artist.

My distinctive qualities as a worker are:

  • Responsible approach to every task at hand
  • Maximal accuracy and diligence
  • Very high rate of learning
  • Erudition and curiosity
  • English level C1

In future I plan to found a State University of Game Development in Russia, thus the speciality of game developer to become an officially recognized profession along with engineering, drawing and movie production. In my childhood I was dreaming about such kind of education and I decided to make the dream come true - for thousands of scholars willing to be a developers. Being aware of european education standards and possibilities offered by state-of-art technologies I see a way to create such international high school of world class.

I'm strictly convinced in technological singularity forthcoming and share Raymond Kurzweil's beliefs.

I'm especially proud of my english-to-russian translation of "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine", a classical paper by Sergei Brin and Lawrence Page. This fundamental research had no adaptation in russian science sector until Konstantin Skomorokhov noticed this issue.

If I were allowed to describe myself within the only one quote, it would be the following:

Try to use everything new, never stop of studying hard, keep learning more.

Never be afraid that your head runs out of space.

from private correspondence withJohnny-K


Gymnasium #157 named Princess E.M. Oldenburg

1996 - 2006

A primary school with in-depth english study:

  • geography in english
  • business english
  • literature english - even had to write sonnets
  • Model United Nations project for scholars

Main education vector was philological prioretizing russian poetry and literature.

  • numerous live actions reciting poetry
  • memory events dedicated to veterans of World War II
  • foreign trips for participating in MUN
  • national tours to russian palaces and museums

Despite the lack of technical study course, the overall education in this school is considered of pretty high level. This rating is primarily achieved by extremely diversified and detauks study of english language.

St. Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers

2006 - 2010

Bachelor of Technics and Technology degree

Technical way of thinking and significant part of my knowledge base were formed during the education in Plant Polymers. I've managed to get the highest marks for entrance exams - maths and physics - and started to study.

Industrial Heat-and-Power Engineering was very complex for a scholar with philological education. But year by year I studied and at some point surprisingly realised - I've learned how to think as an engineer! I've understood the common approach of critical analysis and since then solving technical issues regardless of topic was just a matter of logic.

On a 4th year of study I quit Specialist course and transferred to Bachelor's one since it offered a study abroad within Double Degree programme. At the same time I was elected as a group's Steward - pretty new experince to me thoughand I had a lot of fun managing my group.

The strongest part of this University - and the weakest at the same time - were it's teachers. Being a real professionals in engineering they had to face soviet legacy together with students. The lack or irrelevance of old study materials, a need of implementing modern IT, a country-wide fall of government support in 90-s - all these issues stood between students and teachers. To the credit of last ones, they did their best! All those who wanted to become an engineer successfully graduated.

Lappeenranta University of Tecnhnology

2011 - 2012

Master of Bioenergy Technology degree

IELTS 7.0 points (CEFR Level C1)

One of the most exciting parts of my life took place in Finland. I've recgeived 7.0 points for IELTS test - the highest mark in whole Bachelor's group easily achieved after study in Gymnasium #157 - and moved to Lappeenranta for 1 year to get my Master's Degree.

A modern finnish approach to education (and life in common) was a complete shock after obsolete post-soviet programme in Plant Polymers.

Master's Degree wasn't hard to get - much more important that LUT taught outside the classrooms:

How to make choice on your own.

Looking forward to study abroad in further - an engineer inside me wants to reach PhD more and more every day.



	// a subjective evaluation

	var skills = [
		{name: "HTML", value: 80},
		{name: "CSS", value: 60},
		{name: "JavaScript", value: 40},
		{name: "jQuery", value: 40},
		{name: "ActionScript 3", value: 60},
		{name: "Adobe Flash", value: 65},
		{name: "PHP", value: 20},
		{name: "MySQL", value: 35},
		{name: "MongoDB", value: 10},
		{name: "Node.js", value: 15},
		{name: "Meteor.js", value: 20},
		{name: "Angular.js", value: 10},
		{name: "SEO", value: 89},
		{name: "Git", value: 5},
		{name: "Remedy ICM 8", value: 47},
		{name: "GreenSock.js", value: 45},
		{name: "Adobe Photoshop", value: 65},
		{name: "Pixologic zBrush", value: 30},
		{name: "Propellerhead Reason", value: 40},
		{name: "Twitter Bootstrap", value: 30}







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